Technology | Ocea bathroom televisions come with touch screen, bluetooth, HDMI, and safe power connection. Fog free bathroom TV
magic mirror ocea pro showing the tv parts.

Ocea Pro Loves the Bathroom: Built to Last in a Wet Environment

The Ocea Pro is designed with water resistance in mind and can achieve an IPX7 water-resistant rating, depending on the type of installation. Constructed with coated aluminium that will never rust and stainless steel bolts and nuts, the Ocea Pro is a durable and reliable addition to your bathroom that you can enjoy for years to come

Ocea Pro Loves the Bathroom: Built to Last in a Wet Environment

Smart TV shower demonstrating its water-resistant feature, ensuring durability and performance in wet environments

Innovative Cooling System: Patent Pending Technology

Comparing the features of traditional bathroom TVs with Ocea pro, which includes an active airflow and cooling system for enhanced performance and durability.

Innovative Cooling System: Patent Pending Technology

Ocea Pro features a smart, patent-pending cooling system that significantly reduces excess heat inside the sealed, water-resistant TV case. Every Ocea Pro is equipped with a heat sink on the back that effectively dissipates excess heat from the TV's interior. Additionally, the built-in fan circulates air within the TV unit, ensuring that heat from electronic components and the LED panel does not compromise the TV's performance.

Without an active airflow cooling system, temperatures inside a closed bathroom TV can reach up to 160°F / 70°C. In some cases, this figure may be even higher due to the smaller surface area available for heat dissipation. This is why traditional televisions have ventilation openings, while the Ocea Pro's housing is completely sealed to maintain its water-resistant properties. The Ocea Pro Air-Flow cooling system reduces interior temperatures to 135°F / 55°C, significantly improving the performance of the bathroom TV and prolonging its lifespan. We believe this is an essential feature for any bathroom TV.

Additional Audio Speaker Options: Tailor Your Sound Experience

Ocea Pro offers a range of audio speaker options to cater to your preferences and style, ensuring you enjoy outstanding audio quality in your bathroom.

Choose from the following options:

  1. Integrated Aluminium Sound Bar: A sleek, integrated sound bar that enhances your audio experience while maintaining a streamlined appearance.
  2. External Speakers: Ideal for shower installations, these speakers can be placed where you need them for optimal audio performance.
  3. Recessed Speakers: Stylish and discreet, Ocea's recessed speakers blend seamlessly with your bathroom decor

All speakers connect directly to the TV without the need for an external amplifier.

Additionally, Ocea Pro features a non-amplified audio output that can be connected to an external amplifier or sound system, allowing you to customise your audio experience even further.

Additional Audio Speaker Options:
Tailor Your Sound Experience

Set Top Box Compartment: Convenience at Its Best

Back view of the best waterproof TV with an Android box.

Set Top Box Compartment: Convenience at Its Best

The Ocea Pro's integrated set top box compartment makes it easy for you to install your favourite TV systems, such as Android TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. If you decide to upgrade your Ocea Pro after a few years, simply swap out the TV box. Ocea Pro features two or three HDMI inputs, along with the convenient CEC function that turns on the TV when you turn on the set-top box (available on 4K models only).

Fog-Free Viewing with Ocea

The Ocea Pro is designed with a fog-free feature that delivers a crisp, clear image when the TV is turned on. Its unique active airflow system circulates air, allowing the screen to become fog-free quickly and evenly. Enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience in your bathroom, shower, or sauna with Ocea Pro's innovative fog-free technology.

Fog-Free Viewing with Ocea

Enhanced Brightness for Optimal Viewing

Image comparing different models of waterproof smart TVs.

Enhanced Brightness for Optimal Viewing

Ocea Pro features a mirror front, and to guarantee exceptional picture quality, it is equipped with an enhanced brightness LED panel. This essential feature ensures an enjoyable viewing experience in well-lit bathrooms or other bright environments. Enjoy superior image quality and clarity with Ocea Pro's advanced brightness capabilities.

Logo of MirrorFeeds, a feature associated with bathroom TVs

Update on Mirror Feeds

Mirror Feeds V1.4.0 is the latest version of the free intelligent app for your smart mirror. This innovative app allows you to navigate through various topics such as business, entertainment, health, science, technology, and more. Stay updated on the latest trends and news, track stocks and currencies, and check the weather in your current location

With Mirror Feeds V1.4.0, you can now customise the layout of your feeds, ensuring that the information you want is easily accessible and displayed in a way that suits your preferences. This new feature provides even greater convenience and flexibility to enhance your overall user experience.

Logo of MirrorFeeds, a feature associated with bathroom TVsUpdate on Mirror Feeds

Smart mirror wet room TV showcasing information including news, stocks, and weather, offering functionality and convenience in a sleek design
Wet room TV displaying weather information for Washington, District of Columbia, providing real-time updates in a convenient and water-resistant design.
tv shower smart mirror showcasing news in stocks.
Smart mirror bathroom tv  displaying news and stocks, seamlessly combining functionality and style in a sleek design
smart mirror with led light showcasing clock and mirror.

Effortless Cleaning of Ocea Pro

Ocea Pro smart TVshower displaying a cleaning detergent image.

Effortless Cleaning of Ocea Pro

Cleaning your Ocea Pro bathroom TV is a breeze thanks to its high-quality, durable materials. You can use regular detergents to clean the screen and the rest of the unit without the fear of scratching it. Ocea Pro's water-resistant design ensures that you can clean the TV thoroughly without worrying about damaging its internal components.

With Ocea Pro, maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom TV has never been easier. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can keep your Ocea Pro looking and performing like new with minimal effort.

What’s in the Box?

Ocea Pro tv shower box with included remote, manuals, and wire cord, providing a comprehensive package for convenient setup and use.

Compare Ocea

OCEA Pro Smart Touch Bathroom TV

Other Bathroom TV

Yes, it is water resistant. When recessed mounted, Ocea has an (up to, depending in installation method) IPX7 water-resistant rating. A bathroom shower area featuring a TV mounted on the wall, bringing a new level of relaxation and entertainment to bath time. Water-resistant television showcased in a bathroom setting, demonstrating its functionality and convenience for mobile users. Water resistance is sometimes present, but with integrated speakers in the TV, it is usually IPX5 or less.
Yes, strengthened mirror glass. Our glass is extremely strong, scratch-proof, and easy to clean. An image of a scratch-proof bathroom TV, highlighting its durability and longevity in a frequently used environment. Mobile-friendly display of a scratch-proof bathroom TV, emphasising resilience for long-term usage in high-traffic areas. Frequently with an acrylic or plastic front that scratches easily.
Our patented magnet wall box system reduces the bezel, which improves the overall appearance of the TV. Comparison image showcasing the aesthetics of different bathroom TV models, emphasizing variety in design and style. Mobile view of diverse bathroom TV models compared, highlighting a range of designs suitable for various interior styles. Bezels that are large enough to cover the wall box construction.
The patented heat sink removes heat from the TV. This significantly reduces the temperature inside the TV and extends its life. An image depicting a bathroom TV with a patented heat sink feature, designed for efficient heat dissipation and prolonged usage. An image depicting a bathroom TV with a patented heat sink feature, designed for efficient heat dissipation and prolonged usage. No.
Ocea Pro has a separate speaker housing, which protects the electronic components from audio vibrations. Image showcasing a bathroom TV with a separate speaker housing feature, highlighting its design for superior sound quality. Mobile view of a bathroom TV demonstrating its separate speaker housing, emphasising enhanced audio experience in bathroom settings. Not separated, the speakers are integratedreces in the closed TV compartment which causes the electronic parts to be exposed to vibrations.
Ocea Pro has an internal fan that circulates the air inside, which results in a fast and even defogging. An Ocea Pro bathroom TV highlighting its internal fan, designed to ensure optimal temperature control for sustained performance. Mobile image of an Ocea Pro bathroom TV, emphasizing its internal fan feature for effective cooling and extended lifespan. There is no internal fan. There is also no option to defog the screen. TVs are sometimes powered by 110 or 220 volts, which can be hazardous in the bathroom.
Ocea pro is powered by a 12 or 24 volt battery. As a result, it is the only bathroom on the market that is suitable for use in the bathroom. Image of a 12-24 volt water-resistant TV, displaying its compatibility with different power sources and adaptability to moist environments. Mobile view of a 12-24 volt water-resistant TV, highlighting its flexible power requirements and durability in wet conditions. Sometimes TV is powered by 110 or 220 volt, which can be dangerous in the bathroom.
Ocea Pro comes in both recessed and surface mount options. OCEA Pro MUST be recessed mounted for sauna use. Image of an Ocea Pro water-resistant TV, surface mounted for seamless integration into various interior design styles. Mobile view of an Ocea Pro water-resistant TV surface-mounted, showcasing its sleek design and adaptability in different environments. No, usually only recessed or surface mount.
Yes, the Ocea Pro includes a full touchscreen as standard. You can control your television up to 50 times faster. Image showcasing a smart bathroom TV with a touchscreen interface, highlighting modern convenience and enhanced user experience. Mobile image of a smart bathroom TV with touchscreen features, emphasizing advanced technology for easy and intuitive operation. No.
Yes, you can communicate with Ocea Pro if you have Google Assistant installed. Image of a water-resistant TV with Google Assistant, illustrating the combination of voice-activated control and durability. Mobile view of a water-resistant TV integrated with Google Assistant, showcasing voice command features for user convenience. No.
Yes, you can play your favorite music from your phone by connecting it to OCEA Pro via Bluetooth. Image of a bathroom TV highlighting its Bluetooth connectivity feature, allowing for seamless pairing with other devices. Mobile display of a bathroom TV showcasing its Bluetooth compatibility, emphasising easy connection with various devices. No.
Ocea Pro has an easily accessible on/off and volume button on the front. Image depicting a smart bathroom TV with an accessible on/off button, underscoring user-friendly design for ease of operation. Mobile view of a smart bathroom TV featuring an accessible on/off button, highlighting convenience in controlling the device. No.
Ocea Pro is powered by the most recent version of Android. You can easily upgrade the set top box compartment after a few years. Image showcasing a water-resistant TV with a set-top box, demonstrating expanded entertainment options and durability in wet conditions. Mobile image of a water-resistant TV with a set-top box, highlighting its ability to deliver diverse content in damp environments. No, it is occasionally an HDMI dongle that does not support 4K. The built-in Smart TV cannot be upgraded.
Yes. Ocea Pro is used in many hotels around the world and has extensive experience with hotel IPTV integration. Image showcasing a bathroom TV compatible with IPTV, demonstrating the ability to stream a variety of digital media content. Mobile view of a bathroom TV with IPTV capability, emphasising its feature to deliver diverse streaming content for user enjoyment. Inquire with the vendor.
Yes, excellent 4K HD picture quality on Ocea Pro 280 and larger models. Image highlighting a bathroom TV with high-definition picture quality, exemplifying superior viewing experiences in all conditions. Mobile view of a bathroom TV showcasing its high-definition picture quality, demonstrating superior clarity and detail in viewing. No, and the Smart TV applications are difficult to use.
Ocea Pro comes in sizes ranging from 18" to 75". Image showing various sizes of Ocea Pro bathroom TVs, underscoring its versatile offerings to suit different space requirements. Mobile view of different sizes of Ocea Pro bathroom TVs, highlighting the range of options available for diverse bathroom spaces. There are usually only a few sizes up to 32".
There are numerous mounting options available. Drill-free brackets, Swivel brackets, and Lift brackets are available. Image showcasing a smart bathroom TV with its mounting bracket, displaying the secure and stylish installation method. Mobile image of a smart bathroom TV and its bracket, emphasizing a sturdy and sleek mounting solution for various settings. There are very few mounting options.
Yes, Ocea Pro can be installed on an automated lift bracket if desired. Image depicting a smart bathroom TV with a lift mechanism, showcasing advanced design for discreet viewing and space optimization. Mobile view of a smart bathroom TV featuring a lift mechanism, demonstrating innovative space-saving design and versatile functionality. No.


Title Ocea Pro 180 Ocea Pro 220 Ocea Pro 280 Ocea Pro 320 Ocea Pro 400 Ocea Pro 500 Ocea Pro 600 Ocea Pro 750
Diagonal Screen Size 18" 22" 28" 32" 40" 50" 60" 75"
Screen resolution 1080P, Full HD 3840x2160. 4K Ultra HD(4 times the resolution of Full HD)
TV Panel Brightness 410nit 420nit 400nit 430nit 440nit 420nit 440nit 420nit
TV Dimensions Inches 18.3x16.0x2.4 22.7x17.4x2.4 27.6x20.7x2.4 32.5x22.6x3.0 39.6x28.6x3.0 46.5x31.6x3.0 55.4x38.3x3.0 72.0x47.8x3.0
TV Dimensions MM 466x406x60 576x381x60 700x527x60 825x573x75 1005x726x75 1181x802x75 1408x973x75 1830x1213x75
VESA 200x200 200x200 200x300 300x300 300x300 400x400 500x500 500x500
Panel Technology LED Backlit
View Angle 4 sides view angle panels. Horizontal 135 degrees, Vertical 120 degrees.
Audio Amplifier 2 x 7 Watt 2 x 7 Watt 2 x 15 Watt
Speakers 4 x 12 Watt.
The speaker bar and the external speakers have the same specifications. Duo speakers technology.
The speaker bar has 2 x 2 speakers (total 4) and each external speakers has 2 speakers.
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1.
Each Ocea Pro has direct Bluetooth 4.1 access.
TV Casing Aluminum, powder coated.
TV Front Scratch-proof, Heat strengthened, 5mm mirrored glass.
Speaker Front Brushed Aluminum
Power requirement. (World Universal power supply included) 12 Volt DC, 6 amp. 12 Volt DC, 6 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8 amp. 24 Volt DC, 8 amp. 24 Volt DC, 10 amp. 12 Volt DC, 12 amp. 12 Volt DC, 14 amp. 12 Volt DC, 16 amp.
Ventilation & Cooling Active Airflow and cooling system with heat sink on the back. Thermostat controlled.
Inputs 3 x HDMI, Power, IR, USB 3 x HDMI, Power, IR, USB 2 x HDMI (CEC, ARC and EDID), IR, Power, USB
Outputs Amplified Audio, non-amplified audio, (RS-232 is optional, not included)
Touch Control 10-points touchscreen control, separate On/Off, Volume +, Volume - touch buttons
TV Net Weight 12.7LBS/5.8KG 18.6LBS/8.5KG 30.4LBS/13.9KG 37.4LBS/17.1KG 48.4LBS/22.1KG 82.7LBS/37.8KG 108.8LBS/49.5KG 134.1LBS/61.2KG
Android (included) Android, latest version. Subject to updates. 4K Resolution.
Set Top Box Compartment 11.8"x5.8"x1/2" / 350x150x30mm (compatible with Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV and many other set top boxes.)
Please check the sizes of your set top box first.